The Donuts shop in California that daily ’empty’ in the morning!

It is said that goodness from the world has ended, but there are still some people, because of which it seems to be certain that it is not.

There is also a donuts store in the United States State Seal Beach, California, where customers buy all the items early in the morning, so that the owner of the shop can take care of their ill wife.

Joan and his wife stella are selling donuts for the last 30 years in seal Beach. but last month Stella, got brain disease (brain aneurysm) and all the business responsibility divert to jojhan alone along with extra care of his wife stella.

Joan’s wife is currently in nursing home, which is taking care by joan wife’s sister, but they too want to spend more time with Stella. However, as soon as Joan’s permanent customers found that wife’s illness, they decided to help joan with open heart.

Now it happens that at 4:30 AM customers start gathering outside the Joan shop, and buy all donuts, not only this, they also enjoy the coffee of joan hands.

And now in the morning at around 7:30 pm, the shop store is become empty, but their pocket has money and love for customers in the heart.

Jane Rogers, a permanent customer, said, “They buy donuts from every Sunday for the last 20 years.” This is something that is permanent here, Joan makes fresh donuts and comes here early in the morning. and on other hand, Joan also seems very thankful to his customer.

Indeed, this story has shown that the feelings of humanity and sympathy are not completely disadvantaged from this world.


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