The American citizen dedicated life-saving pensions for welfare of humanity

People usually live for themselves, and earn for luxury life and to fulfill the dreams and wishes and after that, they want to leave a lot to give their children for their better life, but there are some people who live for others, and what they earn and save does not work for themselves, but for the better of others’and humanity and orphan children.

One such person is Allen Nieman, who have whatever earn in life has dedicated/donated for the life of Orphan children. Social activist, Allen Niemin belong to Washington and died in the age of 63 years due to cancer and left 10 million dollar for Orphans children. Allen left this wealth for the welfare of the poor, hungry, disabled and unassigned children.

According to Allen’s friends, he loved children very much. That’s why he worked hard in all possible ways to save money so that the orphan children could be helped. Allen’s has a disabled elder brother whose disability forced him to think a lot.

The Allen did job as a banker, but also kept three additional jobs and In this way he saved enough money and these money were also invested in many profitable tasks so that their wealth continued to grow. According to Allen friends, he was very happy to get a old age benefits allowance. Because in this way he could buy some clothes on discount and could save more.

Friends say they regrets that they knew very little about his friend Allen. Many such institutions, which Allen had contributed to their welfare. That institution says that they never knew that the amount contributed from whom and it was later known that it was Allen.

The Niemin leave $ 2.5 million for the Pediatrics ¬†Interim Care Center for the new born children’s welfare organization, the organization takes care of such newborn children, whose mother,s are drug addictive. This institution acquired land rights on such a huge amount and bought a vehicle to bring and facilitate children.

The institution Head Ms Drainin’ says it’s a miracle, The one I ever wanted, I could meet this person. Other institutions also appreciate the help given by the Allen Niemin.


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