Tell It Friday

Today is a blah day for me because I am just feeling like crap. I am sick and trying to hang in there. I have been just sitting around and relaxing mostly but it is hard to when you have kids. Anyways I am just writing on here and watching some tv with the kids. Sigh it just sucks to be sick though because you can’t do much and if you try to do something you just feel bad.

My Friday is not going so great and I am just going to relax some more and think of some more topics to write about before I go to bed later on tonight. I am just going to make me some fish and go from there haha. I am actually eating a lot which is not good but it will all go away once I actually get ready to sleep. I stop eating at about seven at night so I am good until then.

I hope that everyone is having a great Friday and please make sure that you stay safe.


What do you think?