This eyes only perceives who dances vividly.To step into awake by stepping on. I was too depressed and the scenery of only me was small. If it is a lie of the assembled diorama. I am aware of a difficult point of view. The future that is running out is the beauty in hand. Ask the place where each can go.I will be able to go for the first time after accelerating I will go to my destination. I would like to receive you more strongly. Stepping in and awakening chaosing the world. I continued tracing over and over and worn out. A letter saying “give it up”. I want to break the wall I made. A voice praying in a direct direction also breaks into the darkness. Even if you do not laten the cruelty that does not come true. It flares far more than you think with this wing. If you do not hold down beat fate. Before I hope Please hug you up before returning. Change jumping to the other your world. I would like to receive you more strongly. To step into awake by stepping on!


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Written by seriopscual

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