Some Choices – part 6

In Hollywood, they call this a ‘cute meet’.

In real life, it is kind of a twist  people talk about years later, maybe when their children ask them;  ‘how did you and daddy meet?’

Standing in the lobby, looking at Bryan, Marla’s heart filled her chest, and she knew he felt the same.

They somehow wandered out for lunch, then back to the office.  Then they went to dinner.

The only reason that they didn’t go home with each other was that she had roommates; his sister was visiting him.

They arranged to meet, ‘for business’   at 2 pm on the following day.  This would give her time to get rid of all the work she had to do. It would clear her desk, and could morph into dinner.

The business meeting got everything in order, the dinner went on until the restaurant closed. He kissed her good night after dropping her off.

By  the weekend, his sister was gone, and Marla moved in.


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Written by jaylar

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