Some Choices … part 3

The last few scenes of the movie;

a husband and wife go out for dinner.  They go somewhere they had never been and stop into a Jazz Club.

On the stage, the wife saw the man she used to love.  He saw her.  And then, they see the imaginary future; a future in which they were together, married, had a child.

Then the scene turns back to the reality.

The wife and husband leave the club. The wife pauses to look back. The man she had loved meets her eyes, makes a small smile.

When Marla saw that scene, it was as if a hand entered her chest, grabbed her heart, crushing it.

She had once had someone….

Marla had a past she never spoke about, as if it didn’t exist.   She lived as if Bryan didn’t exist.

That is how she came to this moment; of being Len’s wife and Colin’s mother.  Instead of  Bryan’s wife, and the mother of his children.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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