Some Choices – part 13

And then, she saw the movie.

Marla had been upstairs in her room.  She was at her computer.  Having heard about the movie, how good it was, she  did a search. Found it.

Watched it.

Marla had  sat alone in her room and watched the movie.   And then came the last scenes.  The scenes which were now branded on her soul.

The scenes in which two people, two soul mates, who  had loved each other were now trapped in other  lives and  could never go back.

There was no do over in life.

Had those two people, in that movie, lived in that fantasy they imagined, if they could have somehow jumped out of reality, they would know the greatest happiness that existed.

But they couldn’t.

She couldn’t.

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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