Some Choices – 9

If you are honest, if you remember, you can pin point the moment the mistake was made.  The mistake of a lifetime.

It could be anything, a word, an act, a choice… something you did which you can’t undo.

Here is the first mistake.

Marla,  annoyed that Bryan had been gone so long, refused to go away with him.  She stuffed in a few crummy excuses why she couldn’t leave the city now.  He just stared into her face.

He didn’t say a word to rebuke her excuses.  He didn’t argue. He just looked at her.

And he left.

After he had gone she was angry, first at him for going, then at herself for not going.  She should have gone.  She could have gone.  But she hadn’t.  She had stayed.

She had stayed and focused on her job.   Not because she was ambitious or eager, but because she was angry at Bryan for leaving, and more angry at herself for not going.


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Written by jaylar

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