Some Choices – 2

Marla, her husband Len, and their son Colin went for ice cream.  She kept her mouth in a bit of a smile and focused on what she was doing.

She concentrated on  eating, how she sat,  pushing real thoughts out of her mind.  They went home, she went to her room, Len dealt with Colin.  Marla popped in to say good night, went to her room, into bed, and held herself ready in case Len wanted to exercise his ‘marital rights.’

Fortunately,  he had an early meeting so went to bed.  In the morning she left Colin with the babysitter and went to work.

It was not until she was safely in her office, with the door locked that she thought of that scene from that movie.

The tears burnt her eyes but she wouldn’t let them fall.

She had made her choice five years ago.

Maybe she hadn’t realised she made the choice, but she had.  And now she had to live with it.

If it hadn’t been for that scene, in that movie…..


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Written by jaylar

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