Smart Man – 8

Paul didn’t want to leave his Grandmother’s house.  For him it was the first place he felt strong and in control. And there was this feeling that to leave the house was not wise.

He spoke to his wife Daraja who shrugged.  She told him she would not live in another woman’s house so was moving there, he could come or not come, it was up to him.

She made it sound like some special Nigerian cultural taboo;. She knew he couldn’t find Nigeria on a map, and although having a boasty style was not very bright, she’d get her way.

What Daraja didn’t want was any of his people sniffing around her.  Especially a female for whom he might have some sentimental value.

She needed Paul to herself for three years so as to get citizenship.

Knowing him as her hand middle, she  left the house.  Paul came after her.  He didn’t want to live here alone, so first said he’d drop her and take a look.

It was too easy.

Daraja directed him to  a luxury two story town house, furnished and quite well situated.

So he has a choice, go back, alone to Grandma’s house and stay alone, or move into Daraja’s flat.

He went back to Grandma’s house to pack,  and moved in with Daraja.

Then he  called his Grandmother.  He told her about his marriage to Daraja and that they would  be moving out. Not that they had.

His Grandmother told him she would come to Florida, arriving on Saturday, and meet his wife and take control of the house


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