Smart Man – 7

Paul told no one he  had married.   He didn’t have friends, was estranged from his family.

Daraja claimed to have a large family and many friends.   None of her friends came to visit, so he assumed they were just school pals.

After living in the house for a week,  Daraja spoke about making changes.   This is when Paul told her it wasn’t his  house.  It belonged to his Grandma.

This annoyed Daraja.   If she had known Paul didn’t own the house before she became involved with him… however, after a short period of silence, she decided they should move to their own place.

Paul didn’t want to,  Daraja said nothing.

Paul assumed the idea had been dropped until he found her packing up her things, saying she was moving to ‘their’ new place.


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Written by jaylar

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