Smart Man – 6

Daraja, thinking Paul owned the house,  moved in with him.  He found her so perfect, so loving.   He wanted to marry her.

Excitedly, she  ran with him to a Registrar’s office and suddenly they were married!

it was amazing!  Dreamlike!

For Paul, it was perfect.  He would never invite his  mother and father to anything.     His Grandmother had always been a kind of  cushion, not that he really loved her or cared about her.   He accepted being with her as one accepts taking shelter in a cave.

The only person he ever loved was Daraja.

As soon as they received the marriage certificate Daraja and ran off with it saying she was going to send a copy to her family in Nigeria.

Paul didn’t bother to call anyone   He had no one to call..


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Written by jaylar

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