Smart Man – 5

Eventually, Paul grabbed a job.  It wasn’t much but filled the hours. He didn’t hold it long.   He didn’t have the discipline to arrive on time, to stay until his shift ended.

After a month he found another job, aware that he was to obey the ‘rules’  as to when he was to arrive, when he was to leave.

However, his attitude got him fired, so he went back to doing nothing, then found his third job.   He was keeping in the ‘lines’  when he met Daraja.  She was Nigerian.   Paul knew that was some place in Africa, but not where, or anything about it.

They started to talk, he never found anyone so interested in him before.

Daraja was attending college, had money, and for some reason, liked him.

Paul should have pondered  how someone as pretty and rich as Daraja could possibly fall in love with a nobody like him.   But he didn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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