Smart Man – 3

Paul was fourteen when he ran away from his father and returned to live with his Grandma.

He lived a quiet, locked in life, with  little amusement.  But it was better than being with his father.

Almost every week there was a family dinner.   His father, step mother and half siblings would attend.

His father was always sour, and would question  and ridicule Paul.  If Paul  did or said anything his father disliked or disapproved, that ‘Smart Man’   sneer would belch out of his face.

But he couldn’t touch Paul.  And Paul knew it and played it.

As his father had gone to University, even attempted a Masters and his mother was a professional, to ‘fix’ them,   Paul did so badly at school he had to repeat a grad.   It really upset his father, and he loved it.


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Written by jaylar

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