Smart Man – 2

Paul’s  father had remarried.  His brand new step mother had other children.   Paul knew she didn’t want him.

Paul tried to get attention, tried to make his father like him better than the other children.   It didn’t work.  Paul’s actions usually got violent attention, a slap or punch. It wasn’t until he was ten  his father started to beat him.

Before each beating, Paul’s father asked him to explain or justify his behaviour.    Paul would try. Then in a taunting way, his father would say,

“Oh, you are a real Smart Man”,  and beat him.

Paul hated his life, and when he got a chance,  ran away to live with his Grandmother,

When his father came to reclaim him, Grandma threatened to call the police.  His father never got to touch him again.


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Written by jaylar

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