Smart Man – 18

After nearly three  years of marriage, Paul learned he would need a visa to travel to Nigeria.

When Daraja returned home Paul confronted her,  stated he wanted her  to help him get a VISA so as  to travel with her.

“Of course!”  she said with a beaming smile,

She thought how stupid he was, how long it took him to realise he needed a VISA if he wanted to travel. ,Daraja wondered if Paul even had a Passport.

Playing it bubbling, Daraja told her husband she wouldn’t be traveling until the summer, so they would wait until Easter for him to get his VISA.

However, by Christmas,  Daraja was an American citizen!

She didn’t need Paul.   She didn’t need to please him or put up with him.

She was free!

At that point, Daraja began to fill the flat with her friends.  She had so many Paul had never met.    They ignored him and spoke to Daraja in their language.

When Paul told her how he felt, she looked at him blankly.

The next day, when he was at work, Daraja moved out of the expensive luxury  flat she had paid for..


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Written by jaylar

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