Smart Man – 13

Daraja did not go to Nigeria.  She left the flat just before Christmas to get away from Paul.   He was such a drain on her spirit.

He was so limited, knew nothing, and instead of being humble and avid, he behaved as if he was the source of all wisdom.

Sometimes, to prove how stupid he was, she would ask a question.   She knew the answer, she was attending University, this was accepted fact.  Yet he, with his incredible lack of education and limited intellectual curiosity, would pontificate as if the foolishness spilling from his mouth was fact.

Getting away from him was the only way she could survive her three year ‘sentence’.

As Daraja had many Nigerian friends, she felt at home with them, and during her twenty day escape from her husband, visited as many as she could, moving surreptitiously so that Paul wouldn’t see her.

She had a fine Xmas and then returned on the 3rd of January.


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Written by jaylar

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