Smart Man – 12

As December began, Daraja began to pack, saying she had to go home for Christmas break.

Paul was upset.   She pretended she didn’t know that her last minute decision was what upset him.  She pretended she thought he was upset because he wasn’t going with her.

She told him he’d come with her next time.

Daraja left the house, she refused to let him drive her to the airport, she’d take a cab.

She told him, as she had when she ‘went home to visit her grandmother’,  that she did not want to say good bye to him in public, for she would cry and it would be bad luck.

Paul didn’t notice it was the same taxi and driver who came for her today who had come the last time.

She got into the taxi and was gone. Paul started missing her as soon as the taxi was out of view.

He thought of visiting his Grandmother, but didn’t have the money.  He could have asked Daraja, but, that wasn’t his style.

Paul spent Xmas alone.


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Written by jaylar

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