Silly mistakes to avoid while hiring a commercial photographer

Though you can find plenty of talented photographers in your area and on social media, finding an expert is a daunting task. Only a professional photographer can offer you exquisite photos with a right angle, lighting and clarity.

So, to seek flawless pictures for your business, we suggest avoiding the following mistakes that most people make. It could be chaotic to make a mistake during the hiring process as your brand depends on the same largely.

1. Going for random ones without doing sufficient research 

If you are considering someone who has a DSLR camera and can handle it, then you are wrong. You require a talented, commercial photographer who is well-versed in clicking photos at the business events and of products. Do not make an average choice, invest time in searching for the same.

We suggest asking for references from your business colleagues and friends and getting the details. Similarly, you can conduct a deep online search for skilled photographers in your city.

2. Hiring without researching the photographers 

Our foremost tip is to shortlist at least three photographers who are the best and are available as per your convenience. Once you are shortlisting is done, research them by checking out genuine reviews on the internet. Get their portfolio and understand their photographic style. You might feel this entire process as tedious but believe in us; you will get the most beautiful pictures clicked.

3. Not checking the niche of the photographer 

Do you know a talented photographer who has recently clicked your best friend’s wedding? Well, you are on the wrong page. Always go for a professional commercial photographer and not a wildlife or a wedding one. A full-time commercial photographer in London will boast of maximum years of experience and will have exceptional skills in clicking pictures of products, food, lifestyle, and corporate events.

4. Not understanding the laws of the state 

Do you think that you can do whatever you want with the photos? We suggest strongly to be clear with the state laws regarding the usage of other creative’s work. Similarly, you can discuss with your photographers on how you want to edit and post-process the same. Most of the times, business owners fail to discuss this point and end up in terrible miscommunication and chaos.

5. Not asking for the right charges 

Get a detailed quote from Graham Atkins-Hughes. If anyone is not providing you with the same, approach again and maintain a follow-up. You can also determine how professional the photographer is. Also, ask for the conveyance charges, any hidden costs and royalty charges.

In conclusion, if you avoid these mistakes, then you can surely hire an incredible professional for your business.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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