Royal wedding UK Queen’s Grand daughter Eugenie to Jack brooksbank

This year’s wedding in the royal family was the second wedding ceremony. Prince Harry wedding ceremony was also held in the same place. 850 personalities which include national and foreign foreigners were invited for the marriage ceremony.

Saint George Chapel was decorated with beautiful and attractive flowers, The princess dressed the traditional white dress, which was Specially designed and prepared by designer Peter Pelotto and Christopher D.K. A pretty crown was decorated on the princess’s head, but her smile was more clear and significant than the brightness of the crown.

On this occasion, the happiness of both the couple was very clear and attractive. Dan of Windsor David Conner pledged a new couple. Guests were entertain with luxurious dishes and with specially prepared cake.

The 28-year-old princess Eugenie is the Queen Elizabeth’s third descendants and British prince Andrew and the prince Sara’s younger daughter and the ninth candidate of the royal throne. Eugenie is also director of London’s art gallery Hauser and Wirth and also participates in social work.

Princess Eugenie married a common citizen against the tradition. The princess life partner 32 year old Jack Brooksbank, belonging to a middle class and his father was an accountant. The Meetings between Eugenie and Jack Brooks Bank began 7 years ago, which changed today’s in marriage.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooks Bank were first meet in Switzerland’s entertainment competition. After that the meetings between the both continued in New York, where the princess Eugenie was living. The royal family has expressed happiness on both of them

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