Hello to my fellow risk takers!

Aren’t we brave? Jumping in uncertainties? Hahahaha

When I was young, I am really really shy and afraid. I feel like every risk is not worth taking and will just cause me pain. That is the main reason why I did not excel. My childhood is not that fun. Everything back then does not really make sense. Everything is scary.

But as I was on my teenage years, I just thought “F it, I won’t go anywhere if I’m always hiding behind my shadows and comfort zone.”

And so I stepped out.

And oh well, it was a roller coaster.

I took risks and life went up, down,up, down, up, down…

Sometimes it caused me pain and tears and overthinking and anxiety.


Sometimes it made me happy, took me to cloud nine, paradise, and pleasure.

We see, risks are uncertain, one thing we should always put in mind when we are taking one.

Sometimes it will yield results that will either make us happy and not.

But it is part of growing up isn’t it?

If we want to grow, we should be ready to take the good and handle the bad.

I learned from the failed risks.

I am thankful for the successful ones.

It gave me the biggest blessings of my life which includes my growth, my partner, and my peace of mind.

So you, take risks!

It is better to fail rather than not trying at all.

Stay safe!


What do you think?


Written by Vanessa

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