Punishment of a Long Life – 9

Harriet continued to live with her parents until she completed college.   It took her six years to gain a four year degree.

She left for class in the morning,  returned in the late evening, usually about eight.   When questioned why she was so late she would say, in her dull flat voice, “I was at college.”

There was never any ‘cross examination’.    After all, this was Harriet.

There was a small ‘incident’  just before she graduated college, which she used as the reason to leave the family home. Rebecca and Maxie didn’t want Harriet to move out, but she didn’t argue.

She moved out.

She moved out to live her own life.   A life in which she would never marry or have children.   A life in which she focused on herself.

Harriet lived a life her parents didn’t want to hear about.


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