Playing Him Like a Piano – part 72

Damian,  thinking about Kat’s divorce considered he could shave some months off his 7 Year Plan as she did.

He met with Kat and her mother at the hospital in an empty room.  Keeping secrets, he did well.  They came into the waiting room, he summoned them as if patients.  No one could imagine they knew each other.

Once alone Damian presented his idea.

Lucy-Ann liked his  ‘adultery’ plan.

As Dami didn’t have any money, he could get his wife to divorce him.  The easiest thing was to have a meaningless affair with a friend of Simone which would quickly get back to her.  Knowing her, Dami expected a wild overreaction.   Instead of trying to console or explain,  he’d just shrug ‘so what’.

This she should get Simone insane with rage, throw him out and run to file for a divorce.

Lucy-Ann and Kat were pleased  with his plan.

They left the hospital and he  quickly put it into operation.

One of Simone’s friends had always been a bit flirty, so  ‘accidentally’  running into her,  he ‘fell for it’.

As expected, the ‘secret’  became public within a day and Simone became hysterical.  He kept to his script of ‘so what’ so she threw him out, then ran to a divorce lawyer, acting on anger and hurt.

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