Playing Him Like a Piano – part 56

Neither Jerry nor Damian’s wife, Simone, had a molecule of suspicion that their beloveds were unfaithful.

Jerry would swear the Kat was a virgin when he married her, that she knew nothing about men, that she was so innocent that he would have to explain a ‘dirty’ joke to her.

On her phone, all the calls made and received were either from him, her office, her mother, or one of their friends.

Simone never questioned her husband’s faithfulness.   He never looked at other women, seemed oblivious when one might flirt with him.   He never talked of other women.   All he focused on was medicine.

When Damian was home his eyes stayed on her or the baby, and he never was distracted.  He listened to her, and if  she searched his phone,there were no strange numbers.

All the texts on his phone would be from her, the photos from her.   The last she’d searched his lap top there was nothing but work on it.

Damian and Katherine were not the average cheaters, they were sharp con artists who had survived by playing others.   Knowing that any ‘mark’ would demand absolute fidelity, that was their best trick.   They lived as if they were professional spies in enemy territory.

This enabled them to  enjoy each other,  while their respective spouses believed with every atom of their being that they were absolutely faithful.


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Written by jaylar

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