Playing Him Like a Piano – part 52

Kat wanted to work until her ninth month, anything to get her out of the  house, away from Jerry.

Beginning mid-eighth month she took her maternity leave, but didn’t tell Jerry. She would act as if she were going to work, but drive to her mother’s flat.  Sometimes Dami could get away and meet her there.Other times she’d attend maternal fitness classes.

Jerry wanted to be in the delivery room. Kat she didn’t want him there, and was thinking of ways to discourage him when she went into labour while alone at her mother’s flat.   She knew it would be a long time before she gave birth.  She rang Lucy-Ann.

They went to the hospital about three p.m.  Jerry had to be called.

“Take  it as a dress rehearsal…”  Lucy-Ann told her daughter before Jerry arrived.

Ten hours later, Kat gave birth to a girl who looked like Jerry.  She had to force herself to hold the child, thankful that her mother was there.

When Kat was blessedly alone, able to sleep in exhaustion, Lucy-Ann gave her performance to Jerry.  This should not only free her daughter  from breastfeeding, but get her a home nurse for the first week.

Jerry felt guilty for putting his wife through the ordeal of childbirth.


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