Playing Him Like a Piano – part 48

That night, Kat ‘lost’ her virginity.    It wasn’t as bad as she had imagined because Jeremiah had little ‘staying’ power. It was over in less than five minutes.

She went to the bathroom to wash him away and winked at herself in the mirror. Then Kat  returned to bed and gave Jerry the answers he wanted to the questions he asked.

That last hurdle jumped, she went to sleep in her husband’s arms, then slipped out so she could dream of Damien.

The next morning she posted snaps of the wedding online so  Dami could see them.

Now that all her people had gone, and she had no one but Jerry, she went around to make friends with other couples so she could limit the  time she had to spend with him.

Jeremiah was as attractive to her as a frog.   She hoped she could get through the next five plus years; warming herself with the thought that she might be able to drop it to four plus.


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Written by jaylar

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