Playing Him Like a Piano – part 46

Kat never wanted to leave the reception, she didn’t look forward to the wedding night.

Jerry, fortunately got drunk and stupid and so was of no danger. Kat lay in the bed at the hotel, on this, her wedding night, mentally crossing off the days until she could divorce him.

In the morning, Kat slid out of bed, leaving Jerry snoring and went to find her mother.

She ran into her father on her way and they sat outside by the pool, having one of those rare conversations.

She didn’t tell him in so many words why she married Jerry, he kind of knew.

He gave her his phone number  and address and said she could visit if she wanted.  He said it in such a way it sounded like he was offering a get out of jail free card.

Her Dad, a born Jamaican, who had lived on the island until his twenties and went back every few years, had seen what he needed.

Saw an unattractive overweight clown who had no family or friends, marrying his pretty daughter, who could have invited fifty family members/friends.

No sensible Jamaican man (or woman) would make themselves appear so valueless and alone.

Even if he hated his mother, he ought of been smiling and laughing with her and her husband, giving the impression of family.   But Jerry was too stupid to even realise what he had done.


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Written by jaylar

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