Playing Him Like a Piano – part 43

Kat and her mother had enjoyed a bottle of wine.   They’d gone to bed, rather drunk.  When they work, they spent the morning together,  ordering room service, and then, her friends arrived.

They made up her face, did her hair, helped her dress.   Kat couldn’t care less.  She wasn’t going to argue how her hair should be styled, what colour eye shadow to be applied.

They had to hurry towards the last part, because if they were late, the wedding would have to be rescheduled, and getting it over with as quickly as possible was the desire.

Kat’s father escorted her down to the venue.   They spoke easily.

The ceremony was more than boring, but Kat got through it.

At the reception, she saw Jerry’s mother for the first time.  He had made her seem the worst person who ever lived.

Kat saw an intelligence to his mom Jerry didn’t have.   An intelligence and a kind of soul reading.  Kat was sure his mother knew what she was marrying him for, and couldn’t care less.  However,  it would be wise to  keep her far from Jerry.  Kat didn’t expect to have much difficulty.   Jerry didn’t even have the sense to introduce them.


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