Playing Him Like a Piano – Part 41

Kat allowed Jeremiah to do all the organising and planning of the wedding.  It was not that she felt herself incapable or overwhelmed, it was that she couldn’t care less.

His grandmother, who helped finance it, wanted it in Jamaica so she could go home once before she died. That was fine with Kat.  A meaningless wedding ceremony at the venue of meaningless wedding ceremonies.

Her mother thought it was a fine idea, she’d go ‘home’ for a few days, and stay at an all inclusive at a really low rate.

Kat’s beloved, Damien, who had married to get an all expense paid education, had picked out her gown.  It was modest and common.    Nothing special about it, as there was nothing special bout her marriage to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah and Kat were allowed six guests each in the package.  Where Kat had to trim her list, Jeremiah had to stuff it.   He wouldn’t invite his father whom he hated,  would invite his mother because she actually lived in Jamaica.  He’d invite her mother’s husband so that he would have ‘family’.

Of course his grandmother would be there and his Aunt.  That left two vacancies which Kat could fill with her friends who were now Jeremiah’s ‘friends’.

They flew to Jamaica, got the bus from the airport to the Hotel.  Kat got to spend her ‘last night’ with her mother.


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