Playing Him Like a Piano – part 39

After Grandma left, after Kat returned to the Master Bedroom, Jerry asked  her to marry him.

She said yes and they set the wedding three months ahead.

Kat was able to see Dami during that time and they enjoyed themselves.  As there was less than six years to go before they could be together, they could hold strain.

As Damian had very little time to himself, he could avoid sleeping with his wife, in fact, avoid going home altogether.

As  Kat had made it seem she had to be at work at 8 and couldn’t leave until past 6,  they could and did meet before or after her ‘working day’.

Sometimes it was just lunch, sometimes a morning or afternoon delight.

Despite her impending marriage, things would not change between them.  In fact, Dami helped Kat pick out her wedding dress.


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Written by jaylar

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