Playing Him Like a Piano – part 38

It was just over a year into the Seven Year Plan.  Kat had gotten a car, she was living rent free.   Now Grandma appears.

Grandma old and didn’t look all that well.  Kat was very respectful and worked to make Grandma think she was perfect.

Kat cooked Jamaican dishes for Grandma, made sure she was comfortable, became her virtual slave.

Kat  played the kind of respectful young lady Jamaicans imagine existed. Standing when the elder entered the room.   Always complying, never arguing.

And when Jerry was in the room, Kat would look at him with what seemed to be love.

Grandma  was entranced by Kat.

She told Jerry that he should marry her soon because she wanted to be alive to see the wedding.

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Written by jaylar

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