Playing Him Like a Piano – part 37

Kat was not doing badly.  She had completed nearly a year of her Seven Year Plan.  She was now living rent free, with her own car.  And there had been no sex.

The big deal was this Grandmother.  Kat really wanted to see her.  If she was young and lively,  Kat would be moving out as soon as Jerry went to work.  Driving away in her car, and never paying Jerry a cent of the ‘loan’.

If Grandma was old and didn’t have long to go, then Kat would remain in the house when she was gone.  Remain, move back to the Master Bedroom, never pay another cent of rent,  but hand him small packets of cash as repayment for the car loan.

She assumed he would reject the money.  If he took it, that would cool down the relationship a bit,  but it would not be a problem.

If the marriage path was available, she’d take it. If marriage was off the table, she and the car would be gone.

It was a win/win for Kat, who anxiously awaited the arrival of Grandma.


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Written by jaylar

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