Playing Him Like a Piano – part 36

When Jerry finally stopped talking, carefully, Kat said;

“Well,  I can do you this favour, although it is very upsetting for me, but then, can you do me one?”

“Sure! What?”  he exclaimed happily.

“Well,   I have to take the bus to work and there are some people on it…some… men… and…can you just loan me some money so I can buy a car?”

“What do they do?”  he barks as if he can ‘defend’ her.

She acted very embarrassed, muttered.

As getting her out of the Master Bedroom without argument, and not losing his relationship with her, nor annoying his Grandmother was vital, (and protecting her from predators was his duty)   he agreed.

Kat began packing, and moving into the small room.

When she had done, he took her to the lot to help her select a car and get all the documents correct.


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Written by jaylar

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