Playing Him Like a Piano – part 33

Jeremiah  Roberts had rare and random sexual encounters since his loss of virginity at was eighteen.  These encounters were the hook ups where some gal got drunk or high and he was convenient.

As he was overweight and not particularly good looking these interludes were few and far between.

Now Jerry had met a very pretty lady.  A woman who could cook, clean, wash and iron.  A woman who eschewed feminism.  A quiet woman who deferred to him. Who made him feel important.

A virgin!

He was falling in love.

Katherine Townsend, who had been using her body to play men since she was sixteen, was determined to drag the relationship between herself and Jeremiah to a crawl.  She didn’t wantto have sex with him.  She didn’t want to marry him.  She wanted the house, she wanted money.

She six years to get it, so maintained a bit of distance.

Then came the crux.   That event which was ‘make or break’.

Jerry’s grandmother, the owner of the house, was coming for a visit and expected to reside in the room he had rented to Kat.

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