Playing Him Like a Piano – part 26

On the 5th , when Damian married Simone, Kat’s friends  thought she’d mourn so took her out for the evening.   They couldn’t  see any change.

Kat, aware they were searching for ‘clues’ left early and came back ‘home’.

Damian’s marriage meant nothing.  Kat knew he didn’t care about Simone any more than she did about Jerry.

When one doesn’t have money but wants things, has dreams, the easiest thing to sell is one’s self.  Damian had been selling himself to women since he was seventeen.

Simone was the richest and stupidest of the lot, and was paying his way through medical school.  Marrying her was obvious.

Kat entered the house and saw fat Jerry watching television.  He spun to face her, saying, “I wondered where you were!  I bought more Chinese!”

She smiled, and being a little hungry,  nodded.   Jerry quickly waddled to the fridge and took out the containers.

“I don’t want to disturb you,” she said sweetly, “you can go back to your program.”

“Nah ,it’s okay.”

She could see he was going to waste her time staring, and although she wanted to snap, held it in.

She took small portions of each dish, put it on a plate, and into the microwave.

He then asked her if she like basketball.


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Written by jaylar

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