Playing Him Like a Piano – End

Jeremiah Roberts, had been the perfect dupe for Katherine  Townsend.

He was unattractive and ridiculously suspicious, thinking everyone was trying to cheat him, complaining about how his mother never loved him, all the  baggage a weak and stupid man carry.

Kat who  never argued, never expressed an opinion, never appeared to have an ulterior motive slipped through his defences.

Simone Vander, an unattractive but rich woman and virtually ‘bought’ Damian Holness.   He seemed dazzled by her, so appreciative of gifts,  she controlled him, and liked having the power.

By acting humble and helpless, Damian had gotten a caregiver with sexual access.  He never gave the hint of being unfaithful,  never asked for anything, was always so grateful.

Neither Jeremiah nor Simone imagined that their beloveds had long ago made an unbreakable link and had mapped every step, calling it the ‘Seven Year Plan’.

From Damian’s marriage to Simone and free ride into Medical School, to Katherine’s  tenancy in Jeremiah’s grandmother’s house,  ownership of half of that house, nothing was chance.

Damian considered Simone got a good looking bed partner for nearly seven years, Kat felt the same, only her ‘bondage’ was just over five.

They forgot about their Exes before they drove away and the child they gave them.

All that was no more than acting in a play.

Being together, Dami and Kat Holness was real.



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Written by jaylar

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