Playing Him Like a Piano – 76

Once Damian had married Simone, the plan was officially in place.  Kat searched for some fool to marry who had property she could get.

Eventually, their scheme took on a name;  The Seven Year Plan.

Kat, she had delayed her entry..  She spent most of the first year, after Dami married Simone,  as no more than Jeremiah’s tenant.    Then she married him.

She got pregnant and had him buy the house from his grandmother for much less than it was worth.  She ensured her name was also on the Title.

Five years had passed since the conversation at the dorm,  when Damian told her he would marry his meal ticket, Simone.

Kat realised that  she had what she wanted, no need to subject herself to Jeremiah or the brat, so pulled the plug on her marriage before the Seven Years were up.

Damian realised,in his last year of Internship,  that he didn’t need Simone any more.  He could stay at the hospital, could survive on the modest income of an Intern for the remaining few months.

Just as Kat went for her divorce early, so did Damian.


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