Playing Him Like a Piano – 75

When they were in High School, Damian told Kat, in one of their secret meetings, for even then they knew to hide their relationship, about  Simone.

He had always had a deep pocket gal to look after him, as she had always had a deep pocket guy. Having sex with other people was as meaningful to them as using the toilet. They loved each other.

Damian and Kat discussed the situation.  If he married Simone and she sent him to University, he could take extra courses in Summer School, study on his own, take exams so as to graduate a year early.  He’d get into Medical School out of Simone’s pocket, do his Internship and then!

Mean  while, Katwould graduate High School, get a job, do some free courses in the evenings.   She would find a guy who had property, marry him, get her name on the property, divorce him, so that she’d come into their marriage with some money.

At the moment of the discussion, Kat had a boyfriend who bought her everything, (thus freeing her mother to save and open her own Hairdressing Salon) so the potential of Dami getting his own  long term Sugar Mama was wise.


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