Playing Him Like a Piano – 68

When all was in place, following a virtual script, Kat provoked an argument with Jeremiah over nothing.

When he shouted at her, she ran out.  She had already packed everything she wanted to take, had placed them in her car before Jerry had come home.

She ran out, into the car, drove off, and was free!

Her mother took photos of Kat in a disheveled crying pose.   They considered a few bruises, to spice it up, but left it as a wife running for her life.

Kat’s phone had been ringing until she put it on silent.  Lucy-Ann’s phone was ringing.  Knowing that Jeremiah was on his way, , Lucy-Ann called the police.   They arrived shortly behind Jerry.   The police ordered Jerry to either go back to his house and stay away, or go to jail.

He tried to explain.  Jeremiah had a sneery way of speaking so came close to spending the night in jail.  Realising he’d left Alice home alone,  got into his car and drove away.

The next morning,  Kat and her mother, Lucy-Ann, went to the lawyer.  Along with them were Jeremiah’s ‘friends’.

These ‘friends’  would swear, on oath, that Jeremiah told everyone that he wore the pants and made all the decisions.   Bragged how he dominated his wife. Detailed how he did what he wanted and she was forced to accept it.

They had recorded his boasts,  there was no doubt.

Lucy-Ann had taken images of Jerry outside her flat, refusing to leave, the police coming, the entire drama.

The lawyer had more than enough.  He put a rush on the petition and received it in record time.  It was then served on Jeremiah.


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