Playing Him Like a Piano – 60

The relationship between Jerry and Kat went as she desired.

Firstly,Kat spent little time with her husband and their child.  She left for work very early as if she had something important to do.

On some days she could link with Dami.  On others, she would hang out at her mother’s hair dressing parlour until time for work.   Some days she’d nap in her car.

Her early mornings cut nearly two hours from the time she had to spend with her husband or her child.

Kat left work early, sometimes able to spend an hour or so with Dami.  When she couldn’t  she’d arrive home, looking exhausted.

Jerry, who was working from 10 am to 6 pm wouldn’t be home until 7.  This meant when Kat came home, whether she slipped out early or late, Jerry wouldn’t be  there.

Kat would  run her performance of mommy for the babysitter’s benefit. When the babysitter left, she’d toss Alice in the crib.

When Alice learned how to climb out of the crib, she bought a play pen with a net roof the kid couldn’t escape from.

Once Alice was contained, Kat would turn on the happy baby music to drown out her crying,   run her bath, take her wine into the bathroom, soak in the tub for an hour.

When Kat came out, depending on the day of the week she would either go on her ‘girl’s night out’ shortly after Jerry came in,   or visit her mother.  On other days, she’d have a gang of her friend arrive about 7:30.

When things got too hectic, she spent a week at her father’s house.

Sex between Jerry and Kat was no more than once, maybe twice a week. Over quickly.

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