Playing Him Like a Piano – 25

Kat  began her job on Monday.  She left earlier than she should and  returned more than an hour later, to be away from Jeremiah.

She  needed him to believe she had to be at her desk at eight and couldn’t  leave until six.

This   meant she could meet Dami before class, if possible, after class, if  possible, and avoid breakfast with Jerry.

Her hours were the basic 9 to 5. Not being overly time sensitive, she  could arrive a little late, leave a little early.

The  less time with Jerry the better.

Although   he was twenty five he acted like sixty.   She was almost sorry she had selected him; almost, not quite, because when she left him she would have no regrets.

Lucy-Ann,   Kat’s mother had done her research and reported that his Grandmother was still alive.

Until  Kat saw her and could judge how old and strong, it was better to keep  the relationship as light as possible.

Although  another person might think it was ridiculous that Kat was planning  her divorce to a man who hadn’t even tried to touch her hand, Kat knew Jerry’s type.

Being  suspicious, always looking for a ‘hidden motive’ he made himself  prime target for someone who was a consummate con artist.

Stupid people, like Jerry, only trust people they think are stupider than they are.   So far, Kat had presented herself as two steps above retarded.   Jerry would never suspect her of anything.   After all, she was far too weak, submissive, and stupid.

As he was made to think


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