Plan B

Change happens and the way we choose to deal with it make all the difference. Let’s see if there are some ways we can embrace change or at least not “declare war” against change, because it happens!

Don’t be a know at all!

We all like to know what we are doing and feel in control of our future. If we are brave enough to recognize that there are many things and don’t know and many things we have no control over, so stop fighting it. Make it part of the excitement of seeing what is new and different each day.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with someone who had just been told he had a brain tumor. I am certain that he was scared. I am certain he really knows very little about brain tumors. The news was very fresh and new. This is what he said.

“They say I have a brain tumor. I really didn’t ask any questions, I told them I would talk to them about it later. They looked surprised. I really don’t like it when I can smell things that smell stinky to me. I hope that I have a tumor that will make me not be able to smell stinky things. I have a lot of pain, maybe I have a tumor that would interfere with feeling pain, that would be cool. It could be the kind of tumor that kills me. My spirit would be with my wife and daughter, that would be amazing too. Maybe I am just really lucky to have a brain tumor.”

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