Pit Children

Although we use the term Step before the designation, perhaps a better word would be ‘Pit’.  With divorce so popular and remarriage so common, it has become the new norm to have parents, step parents, and step siblings.

This story concerns those ‘pit’ siblings who seek to destroy they other. Who will do anything, say anything to turn that child against his or her mother (or father)  as a kind of ‘game’.

In this story we begin with Paul and John, the two sons of Sandra and Neville.

Thinking they were wise, Sandra and Neville, noting their marriage was on  the rocks, sent their sons to live with his mother, Olga, while they tried to sort things out.

They failed and Olga said she would hold the boys until such time they were on their feet.

Neville married a year after the divorce.   His new wife, Zel, did not want to take on the two boys from his previous marriage, but did.

She eventually had five children of her own.

Sandra married again and had one daughter,  Julie.

So here we have P & J with step mother and step father and stepbrothers and step sister.

P& J are the ‘Pit’.


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