Pit Children – part 9

Neville and Zel had  been married for ten years when she divorced him.  Neville’s sons, Paul and John, from his first marriage, played  a large part in the collapse of the marriage.

They were toxic children who were dangerous.

Zel could not risk the lives of her own children so went for a divorce.   P & J were 15 and 14 respectively.

As Zel did not want them around her children she included them in the restraining order.

Neville was quite angry.  Unlike the easy slide of  his divorce from Sandra, this one was very damaging. Neville lost everything.  He could not have afforded to take Paul & John even if he wanted.

Which at this point in history, he did not.

The children were taken by Neville’s mother, Olga.

Olga, to whom they had been sent when Neville’s marriage to Sandra began to deteriorate;  Olga, who loved P & J because she never perceived who and what they were.


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Written by jaylar

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