Pit Children – part 52

Sandra made no sign that she knew her sons, Paul and John,  had turned her daughter, Julie against her.

Had turned her, then tossed her in the trash as if she were a single use straw.

Sandra behaved calm and pleasant.

A day after arriving, lounging on the beach, getting a chance to be alone with her son in law, Everett, she began to share.

Both saw the same things and read Paul and John the same way.

Sandra told Everett she had not warned Julie because she knew anything she said to her about P & J  would be repeated to them.   Julie would tell them  and they would respond, and it would cement her belief in her half brother’s lies.

Everett admitted he didn’t like them, but never said a word to Julie for the same reason.  He just avoided them, and never left his child when they were in his house.   He’d  leave, take Nina with him.  He kept hoping his wife would realise they were trying to play her, but she never did.


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Written by jaylar