Pit Children – part 50

It took over a week for Julie to actually realise that John and Paul couldn’t care less about her and never did.

She had a use, to alienate and insult their mother, Sandra.    If all of Sandra’s children were estranged, that proved Sandra was a lousy mother.

Julie was unaware that her mother had realised this years ago.

Learning that Zel, Neville’s second ex-wife, had protected her children by getting a restraining order against him and Paul and John,  she appreciated their sons were more dangerous than suspected.

Sandra had thought raising Julie with Albert for all these years, separated from Paul and John by so many miles,  would have made their manipulations impossible.

She had been wrong.

Sandra had considered what she should do, then decided to do nothing.  She would pretend she didn’t realise her daughter had turned against her.

Sandra would not say a word about Paul or John. Not behave as if she noticed her daughter had been poisoned against her.

This is because she knew that Julie would instantly tell them whatever she said.


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Written by jaylar