Pit Children – part 32

Julie had gone abroad, got a job, and met a man.  She informed her father, with whom she had a close relationship as Paul and John were not able to destroy it.

Albert told Sandra, who wanted to be part of  the planning of the wedding, but Julie refused.  “I’m having my wedding the way I want it!” she blasted, as if ‘something’ had happened in the past between them.

In a very broad way, something did, the incursions of her half-brothers. Her half-brothers who had successfully turned her against her mother.

Sandra and Albert discussed it, but neither could find a way to change Julie’s outlook.

“Give her time,”  Albert said.

“The damage will never be undone, because even if she realises it, to admit that she was played is beyond her. At least for the next ten years…”  Sandra said despondently.

However, they went to the wedding.   Interestingly,  neither Paul nor John was there, although they had been invited.

Sandra wondered if Julie had told Albert to come alone, and he refused, so the choice was either her father and mother came, or her brothers.

She was sure Paul and John had made it an either you invite us and not our mother, or if you invite our mother, we aren’t coming.   Sandra could take no warmth from her invitation as she was more Albert’s ‘plus one’ than the mother of the bride.

On reflection Sandra wondered why Julie had allowed Paul and John to warp her mind.   How stupid could Julie be?  How gullible?


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