Pit Children – part 27

Paul and John always  focused on their mother’s ‘neglect’.  They tried to paint a horrible childhood, yet maintained, that Olga, their grandmother,  had been a ‘Great Mother’.

They seemed oblivious to the dichotomy.

In various conversations with them, both on line and on phone, they would claim, separately, that Sandra never wanted them.  No matter what she said, and despite the fact that on three different occasions she had traveled to their city and invited them to live with her, they would not change their fantasy that she did not want them.

What was also significant to Sandra was that Neville’s second wife did not merely slap a restraining order on him, but on P & J as well.

This confirmed Sandra’s impression that they were toxic.   That whatever tricks they were trying with Julie, they had tried on the children of Neville and Zel.

Whether Neville was as bad as she, his first wife,  experienced during their short marriage, the fact that Paul and John was barred from association with their half brothers, made her more concerned about their association with her daughter, Julie.


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