Pit Children – part 26

Oddly,   at this time, Neville,   Sandra’s first husband, the father of Paul and  John,  began to email her.  She assumed that having no one in his life,  his second wife having taken their kids, their house, and got a  restraining order against him, he had begun ‘recycling’.

The topic  would be their sons, Paul and John.

Neville  shared information.   The boys had lived with him for some years.     His explanation, defense, whatever,  made Sandra was alert to the various  stories P & J would tell her about him.   She knew they hated him, they had said as much.  She assumed they hated her too.

Having spent three weeks with her sons,  learning the kind of people they were,  what he said was not unknown.

Neville warned her that P & J would create a situation, then twist facts to match the spin they would put on it. They would repeat their spin over and  again,  cementing it into their minds.

What Neville posted clarified  recent events.

Picking up Julie from the airport,  Paul  parked in the wrong space and got a ticket.   He parked, he got a ticket, and he blamed his mother.   Paul demanded his mother  pay the ticket.

Oblivious to everything else,  all he could focus on was it was her fault he parked in the wrong place and he got a ticket.

Neville’s revelation confirmed  that what she experienced with Paul was ‘standard’ behaviour for he and John.


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