Pit Children – part 25


During Sandra and Julie’s visit, beginning slowly, then taking up some force, Paul and John spent their time turning Julie against their mother.

Aware of it, Sandra was not going to leave Julie behind.

Julie returned to her city with her mother.

That Sandra had thought to protect Julie backfired. Julie wanted to be with her brothers and her evil mother ruined it.

The change in Julie was somewhat glaring. In private, Sandra spoke to Albert.

Knowing their daughter, they knew that warning her about P & J would only elevate them in her eyes.

They decided to say nothing, play ignorant and see how long it would take Julie to realise that her ‘step’ brothers were ‘pit’ brothers. That they were looking to drag her down, destroy her relationship with her parents, for their own amusement.

Paul and John could never get back their childhood. So to destroy of Julie’s would be their ‘prize’.


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Written by jaylar

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